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Pastoral Valley Ecological Life Farm

We will be fully immersed in the beautiful nature of South West Turkey, dancing, eating, sleeping and sharing our time under eucalyptus trees, accompanied by a little creek, surrounded by orange and lemon gardens in an eco farm, 10 mins away from the Agean Sea. Pastoral Valley will accommodate us in the most nature-friendly way possible meanwhile supporting our needs that come as a result of this intensive work on our body-minds.
3 courses of vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from delicious Turkish – Mediterranean Cuisine cooked on traditional wooden stove will be served by the Pastoral Valley staff everyday. We will also be offered fresh tea, coffee and herbal teas all day long in wood fire. Water is drinkable from the tap.

We will stay either in our tents or in stone, timber or adobe houses designed with an ecological architectural approach.


There are 2 studios of wood and mudbrick:
Mud-brick hall has 150 sq.m. free space, with 18 meters of diameter and has an octagon form. It has walls made by timber-work and mud-brick with wooden floor.

Wood hall is open, has 75 sq.m. free space, with 10 meters of diameter and has an octagon form with wooden floor.


There is a small creek flowing alongside Pastoral Valley passing between the daily trees and citrus gardens and reaches the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Yanıklar village, 5 km away. Right next to the beach, which is the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta tortoises, there is Akgöl, where migratory birds rest.

We will be in the same geographical area as the old city settlements that witnessed the Lycian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations which were affected by each other for thousands of years. Peace and friendship symbol Kaya Village is a natural wonder Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent Canyon, Butterfly Valley, Gocek, Fethiye Gulf’s villages and islands; the beauties that embellish this geography.

Our location is 15 mins to KARAOT BEACH and 30 mins to GREEN VALLEY by car, where you can swim in the river. We allocated one day in the middle of the gathering to enjoy the nature around.
In May the weather would be getting warmer in Fethiye (south-west of Turkey) region.


Pastoral Vadi is in Yanıklar Village which lies on the main Fethiye to Dalaman highway some 40 km from Dalaman and 15 km from Fethiye.
Best way to reach to Pastoral Valley is through Dalaman International Airport. We will organize shuttle service for a fast and easy access to the location.
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