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“Tact of Teaching”s  – meaning pedagogical thoughtfulness – are an invitation for teachers to find a point of contact for teaching together. Finding their individual teaching inquires and follow that together with their colleagues’. Assuming that practical knowing-in-action requires pedagogical sensitivity, vigilance, and tact we hope to challenge and inspire the teachers as well as the participants of these sessions.

We reserved time slots for the laboratories to be proposed by the participants. In the labs you have the possibility to bring in or try out your own interests with the people sharing similar interests.

You can get one one2one session with one of the teachers for ~15 min. You come with your question, interest, wish for feedback. You can work 1 on 1, come with a friend or small group.

Kitchen Table is a setting for an open discussion about any topic (in this case in and around CI), but with a rule set to create a performance out of the ordinary. During a set time anyone interested can witness and/or participate in the discussion. The topics are open and the exchange of speakers is actively encouraged.

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