For registration you will need an active email address. You will get all information and the registration confirmation via email.

When you registered, please check the email address, which you provided on the registration form, frequently!

Please hold your email account free and available. Please check also your junk/spam folder.


After you fill out and submit the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email including the payment information.


After you received this confirmation the registration will be valid and in order to reserve your place, you need to wire transfer the 100€  registration fee to the given Euro(€) account below. Remaining fee can be wire transfered or paid at check in at the festival location. “Fall in CI” and “Participants Name” should be visible in the description of transfer.


Euro IBAN (Italy): IT85C0558401635000000010843

Owner: Bagci Fahri Ayberk



ABI: 05584

CAB: 01635


Transferwise is recommended for lower transfer fees.

Contact Us for PAYPAL option

For registrations until 1st of August early bird discount will be applied as %10.


Until 15th of August upon request for cancellation of the registration only %50 of the registration fee (minus transfer costs) will be refunded to the participant.  After this date the payments will be directly delivered to the Pastoral Valley to fix our stay henceforth a refund won’t be possible.

Privacy issue and photo / video permissions:

We confirm that we will not share, sell or provide personally identifiable information about you with any third-party except as required by law.

We inform you that, by applying and registering at Fall in CI, you are giving the permission to the organizers to use and authorize others to use the photo / video material of the gathering for documentation purposes (on the internet -our web page and social media accounts, on paper or any other media).

Health / insurance issues:

The organizers and the teachers of the Fall in CI are not liable for any personal accidents or injuries.

Participants are responsible of their own health insurance during the gathering.

Please inform us about any health issues which you think may affect your participation in the event and would need special attention on organizers’ side.


Children are very welcome at the gathering. However, please note that we are not able to offer childcare during the event. Families are responsible of the children and we suggest parents to organize child-care among themselves.

All participants under age of 18 should attend to the festival with a parent or guardian specifically defined at registration. Additional pricing for these participants is described on the table below.

Children Participation

<4 Years                       Free

4-12 Years                    90€

12-18 Years                  Full Price

Accompanying guests:

Please provide names of all the non-participants (children and adults) on the registration form and ask the availability. We may ask for further information about those guests via email.


Classes will be taught in English. If needed, translation to Turkish will be available.

Registration Form (En)